Our Story

Blue Goat Technologies is a company founded by IT (computer) workers with friends and family who stand with labor.  Over the years our programmers have all heard similar stories regarding the relationship between labor and management and the shift in power that is swinging squarely toward management.   After much discussion with those friends and family, it was determined that technology is not being taken advantage of by labor to help solve its problems.  With that in mind, Blue Goat Technologies was formed with the sole purpose of helping labor achieve better wages, hours, and working conditions through technology.

Our Ideology

There are many consulting companies out there.  Traditionally these companies are set up to help solve “business problems,” “increase profit margins,” “optimize worker efficiency,” and many other metaphors that often translate to “help management get a leg up on its employees.”  Blue Goat Technologies recognizes that there are enough of these companies and takes great pride in helping labor.

To do this, Blue Goat Technologies works with labor administration, stewards, and rank and file to design, develop, and implement solutions for labor’s problems.  A key component to making this work is Blue Goat’s recognition that labor and business solutions are not always one and the same.

Information Is Power

We have all heard the phrase “Information is Power.”  Since management is using available technologies to gather information about its processes and workers, the pendulum swing is moving power in management’s favor.   That pendulum at one time was swinging towards labor; labor had all of the people, and management was simply unable to organize so much information.  However, the technologies that are available today and management’s use of those technologies have changed everything.  Today’s management has computing resources that allow it to analyze data from a local shop or across the globe.  Management buys the latest technologies, sends its people for advanced training, and even imposes tracking and data gathering upon its employees (sometimes without the employees’ knowledge).  It is time for labor to harness some of this power and take back the advantage it once had.  As a union member, you help organize the people, and Blue Goat Technologies helps organize your data.

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